Like most people who like to dabble in crafts, I have had a trip or two, or three to the dollar store. But, if you look beyond the hot glue, frames, and glitter, the trinkets, and the party supplies, you can find some budget friend items that go way beyond usefulness in craft projects.

Each of these items may help your back health. You’ll find yourself bending over less often, not needing to reach deep into closets, lifting lighter loads, and preventing falls. I do.

While these are great tips for aging in place and accessibility, you don’t have to be elderly or disabled to take care of your back health.Access on a Dime Dollar Store Hacks

Mega Carabiner ClipsMega-Carabiner-Clip

I keep one of these attached to the back of my wheelchair for when I have more bags than I can carry. I’ve seen them used on strollers too, but, make sure you don’t weigh that bad boy down too much (some handy stroller safety tips).

Some other uses for these mega carabiners:

  • Hair Tie Holder by Dreaming in DIY
  • Attach a water bottle, keys, or all kinds of things just about anywhere.
  • Suitcase Trolley. Attach your rolling suitcase to the back of your wheelchair. I can’t vouch for this one personally, yet. But, I have friends that swear by this method for freeing up their hands in the airport.

Collapsible Storage Containers


I use these to store lightweight items, like wash cloths, in our closet shelves. That way, even if I can’t reach the shelf I can still use the handle on these boxes to grab them down with a reacher.

Speaking of which…



Okay, these work, but they aren’t the greatest. But seriously, they are a dollar. So you can put one in every room and your car if you want. Try hanging them on hooks on the walls to keep your floors clear.

If you do want real quality, you are going to have to spend more than $1. I use a grabber like this one around the house for most tasks:


Oh, and those hooks, you can get them at the Dollar Store too:

Command Hooks

command hooks

In addition to grabbers I use command hooks to hang other tools of necessity around the house, like brooms, dustpans, and collapsible laundry baskets.

There is plenty to be found in all corners of the internet about Command Hooks and the many uses people have figured out to use them:

Lobby Dust Pan

lobby dustpan

The lobby dust pan is by far my best purchase at the dollar store. By far. Sweeping was a total pain before, but this one little change makes it a breeze. I mean, it doesn’t make it fun, because, well, it is sweeping. But, it does make it painless. My husband, who by the way, doesn’t use a wheelchair (why do people always ask that?), much prefers to use this dust pan now too.

Pop-Up Hamper

pop up hampers

Lightweight, collapsible, can be hung on a hook, a dollar, enough said. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, you can bring it the next time you break out your tent and sleeping bag and use it as a camping trash can as seen on DIY Joy.

Battery-Powered Push Light

push light

Am I the only one who has found a spot in their home where light doesn’t seem to reach? Or where you have to turn on a hall light when all you want to do is grab something late at night from inside of a closet? Black holes in your home be gone! Actually, these are great for fall-prevention  because darkness creates a lot of tripping hazards.

Solar-Powered Garden Lights

solar powered garden light

I hardly ever fall in my home, because I’m set up for fall-prevention. Where do I fall? Outside. Typically when my caster (those little front wheels) gets caught in some unseen hazard in my path. I might not be able to light up everywhere I go, but I can at least light up our front path in an ecologically friendly manner.

Yes, yes, I know that I could use a bicycle light at night on my wheelchair, and I will when camping instead of a flashlight. But not all the time, sorry, not cute. Note: If I get hit by car because I wasn’t properly lit at night you have my permission to use this as a PSA.

Do you have other dollar store tips? Let me know. I am sure it will not be too long before my next trip.


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