When you have a mobility limitation it is present in all facets of life; your body and health as well as the physical environment in which you live and work. Effective design can help you to adapt and thrive in the body you have, limitations and all.

Too often I have found effective design has also meant choosing function over form.

Access on a Dime examines that how form and function can marry, that sweet spot where access, design, and affordability intersect.

Be it from, illness, injury, or aging, changes in mobility can often require life-altering and often expensive adaptations to our environment and the tasks of daily living.

As a full-time wheelchair user since 2000, I have first-hand experience when it comes to adapting to what life throws me. For years I have used my knowledge, research skills, and education to help myself, friends and family, and the occasional stranger on the street learn how to maintain independence when their mobility unexpectedly changes.

In my experience, Google searches for solutions have often led me on wild goose chases for answers that do not exist on the web or are do not make sense for my abilities and limitations.

I launched Access on a Dime as a platform to share knowledge, whether you yourself live with limited mobility or you are helping someone you care about, I invite you to ask questions, share information, and find solutions.

– Eve

P.S. At times, I use affiliate links. If you click on one of my links and make a purchase, there will never be an additional cost to you, however, I may earn a commission.

So…click away!! My beer and herbal tea fund thanks you. See what I did there? FYI, Stash Tea is local to my town, Portland, Oregon, if you are ever in town, I suggest a visit to one of their stores.

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